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Printing Wing The department at present has two type of printing technology i.e. the Letter Press Technology and Offset Technology. Letter Press Printing Branch : The Letter Press has Hand Composing (34 workers), Mechanical (Mono) Composing (7 workers), Reading Section (15 workers) and Letter Press Printing Branch (36 workers). The details of machines in the branch are:

Letter press (Printing Section)

Head No.
Treadle Machines 5
Automatic H.M.T.-I 1
Automatic H.M.T.-II 1
Automatic H.M.T.-IV 1
Automatic H.M.T.- V 1
Automatic O.M.-II  2
Automatic Cylinder Machine  1
Automatic Die Machine 1
Die Stamping 1
Screen Ptg.  1
Total 15

Mechanical Composing (Mono Section)

Head No.
Mono Key Boards 3
Mono Casting Machines 4
Mono Super Caster 1
Mono Melting Machine 1
Proof Press Machine 2
Total 11

Offset Printing Branch :

This is one of the latest technology in the field of printing where printing is done through the process of Camera films and aluminum plates. This technique is very fast and printing is of very good quality. The films can be stored for a long time without any erasure or disturbance of the print  material. It has 49 employees and 26 machines.  Giriraj Weekly Newspaper, Vipasha, Himprastha Monthly, Somasee, Himbharti and Shyamala are being printed through offset  machines. Details of machines are given below:

Offset Section

Head No.
R.O. 62 Web Offset Printing Machines 2
P.O. 36 Offset Printing Machines (single colour) 2
P.O. 25 Offset Printing Machine (single colour) 1
H.M.T. Offset Printing Machine (single colour) 1
H.M.T. Offset Printing Machine (double colour) 1
Duplo (Heavy Duty) Copy Printers 2
Gestetner (Heavy Duty) Copy Printer 2
Plate Making Machines 2
Vertical Camera Color Graph 2
Plate Graining Machine 1
Camera Contact Printer 1
Plate Whirler Machine 1
D.T.P. Computers with main Server 7
Horizontal Camera 1
Total 26
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